• The basic rate charge we quote entitles you to the bin for 3 days, it also includes the delivery and collection of the skip. If the skip is required beyond 3 days please clarify this at time of ordering otherwise a charge of €10.00 per day is applied.


• If a permit is required this will be added to the price of your skip (please note this must be paid before a skip can be delivered) permits are only required if taking up a car space in a pay and display area.

A wasted journey fee of €50.00 is applied


• If a customer orders the wrong bin size


• Where a driver goes to collect a bin that is not ready for collection


• Where a driver cannot gain access to drop or collect the skip


• If a bin cannot be collected due to overloading 


• Unaccepted items being found in the skip which will lead to non collection


• If deliver of a skip requires special instruction(s) this must be clarified at the time of the order being placed. Otherwise a wasted journey fee will be applied


An order cancellation fee of €15.00 is applied


• If a customer cancels an order without giving 48 hours notice 


•Order can be rescheduled for another date at no extra charge once 24 hours notice is given